Relocation to Germany

About us

Clever match is not a simple recruiting agency

We strive to a perfect match of you and your job, try to equal the hopes of our candidates and our customers ideally, and to tell honestly pretty succeed in it.

Our company arose in the period of great changes in the picturesque capital of Ukraine, starting as a part of PHP Academy. At the moment we can proudly call ourselves entity, co-working with German recruiting agency 42matches, which is situated in Berlin. That is why most of our vacancies are relocation ones.

Are you ready to start? Let's get relocated

Relocation to Germany means

01.Berlin The European Tech Hub

fastest growing tech hub in Europe

startup scene is the five biggest employer in Berlin

many startups became global players like Delivery Hero & Sound Cloud

highly international with English as standard language

vivid tech network with daily meetups for knowledge building

02.What do German Tech companies offer?

very competitive salaries

ca. 24+ days of movable holidays, plus national holidays

“unlimited” sick leave

health insurance coverage for the entire family

personal development, i.e. conference visits

additional perks, like team nights, learning budgets, etc.

03.Living in Germany means

travel European cities over the weekend

that you get worried if the train is 3 minutes too latee

you can enjoy total silence after 9 p.m., in the streets, except if german soccer team wins a match

you decide to take a bicycle instead driving a car (because it's faster)

to eat italian food and complain about the huge amount of italian restaurants.

04.The German Social System

unemployment benefit

health insurance


invalidity Insurance

child support

social care

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